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On your first day of a new job, it’s normal to get butterflies and sweaty palms, but you’re not alone in this. Most people get nervous in this situation as you’re walking into the unknown, an environment you’re not familiar with, people you don’t know and perhaps a different style of working you’re not used to. It’s a lot to take in, in just your first day.

BUT it’s important that you don’t let the nerves get to you!

Everyone handles situations differently, and that means everyone reacts differently when they’re nervous. You just have to make sure you react positively and not negatively as you want to come across in the best possible way you can. Here’s some ways on how you could achieve this and calm those nerves…

Remember Why They Chose You

You are the person the company chose out of every single application they received, and every person interviewed. You were the person that impressed them the most as you’re the one who’s now part of their team.

Remind yourself when the butterflies make a return, that your manager believes in you and that’s why you’re there. All you have to do is prove them right, that they’ve made the right choice.

Plan of Action

The main reason why people get nervous on their first day is because people fear the unknown. You may not know the plan of action for your first day, the people you’re going to meet, what tasks you’re going to be doing etc. so it’s good to make your own plan so you have some kind of strategy in place to focus on and not feel completely lost.

The best way to do this is to think of some goals that you want to achieve and set timescales around them. So, have in mind some goals for your first month, third month and sixth month etc and then think of some ways of how you’re going to achieve them. This way you will feel more relaxed as you have something to aim for and think about.

The Past

Another good thing to do is think about a time you’ve been in the same or a similar situation, as it’s unlikely this is your first time starting something new. Whether this be your first day at University or your first time meeting someone you didn’t know, just remember that time and think about how you handled it, the good and the bad. The good things you did, try to do again and the not so good things, try to avoid.

It’s also important to remember that you have done it before, you’ve felt nervous about something new and you’ve overcome it, so you can do it again. And after a while, that new situation becomes part of your normal routine, your normal day to day life, it just takes time, so give it chance. And remember, it probably won’t be the last time you do something for the first time either so try to turn those nerves into excitement for what’s ahead.

They’ve Done it Too

Keep in mind when you’re meeting your new colleagues that they were the newbie once too, and they’ve been in your shoes. They know how it feels, and it’s good to talk about this with them. If you’re feeling a little lost or nervous, it’s okay to admit it, your colleagues may even give you some tips they have from their first few days in the job. This can also help you to build a bond with your colleagues as it gives you some common ground to talk about, and this may bring about great friendships.

The last thing to remember; ENJOY IT!

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