Housing demand, the changing face of retail and workspace, the increase in industrial space required and the changes thrust upon us after Covid-19. These are the many challenges facing the Property sector as well as the change in our political policy and its effect on our economy.

Our consultants represent property consultants, development specialists (BTS & BTR), registered providers and owners that specialise in residential, commercial, retail and industrial real estate throughout the UK and overseas.

The UK has a housing crisis and it’s not just a short-term crisis of supply in the aftermath of the banking crisis or global pandemic, but a long-term crisis of poor quality, unaffordability, unsociability and unsustainability.

We also have a huge increase in the need for more and better creative workspaces against the challenge of remote working. The retail sector, where the high street is changing but physical stores are still pivotal to the strategies of most retailers face a massive challenge – between the physical and digital shopping experience, the digital side driving the need for industrial warehouse and distribution space.

Many of our clients are owners, builders, developers and management firms, or a combination thereof, although no one has a crystal ball in such a changing market, you can be sure of one thing – having the very best people in your business will set you aside from the pack and keep you at the forefront of what is to come.

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Getting it right is something that we are passionate about and strongly believe in.

The built environment has the ability to inspire everyone’s imagination, to enable social interactions with friends, family, the community and nature.

The places and spaces that people inhabit fundamentally influence their enjoyment of life, so getting it right should be a priority for us all.