Building Services / Facilities Management

The interaction between its user and the building and its external environment to achieve a comfortable and safe internal environment, whatever form and function the building may take for its occupants.

Our Building Services and Facilities Management consultants work with a variety of companies who advise, design, install and maintain cost-effective and energy-efficient systems for buildings services such as power, water, lighting, heating, air conditioning, lifts and telecommunications.

Building Services Engineers bring buildings to life by designing the mechanical and electrical systems that allow people to function within an enclosed structure and Facilities Managers today are responsible for the building’s performance, and their uncompromising relationship with their occupiers and service providers, both being continually challenged.

Engineering and Facilities Management involves the production and maintenance of a stable internal environment that has the correct temperature, air quality and lighting levels. It requires the provision of all the necessary backup support systems such as power, hot and cold water and lifts. In addition, the installation of life protection systems such as fire alarms, escape routes and sprinkler systems is also an important responsibility. These functions must be linked to sophisticated building management systems to ensure effective control and to minimise energy consumption.

Even when the Building Services/FM sector is booming, the pressures of frozen fees, skills shortages and rising construction costs mean industry’s top consultants and property management businesses and owners need to continually be improving and trying to use new smart technologies and software’s such as BIM.

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