Only when you are ready to invest in the business is when you should engage with an Executive Search Firm.

Many people see using any type of recruitment agency a cost to their business rather than an investment, as often many companies don’t have a great sense of positivity or trust when it comes to recruiters, but actually there are some recruitment firms out there that don’t want to be associated with the bad press, and genuinely want to help you acquire the best talent possible, like Spirit do.

Whether you’re hiring at a Junior level or a Partnership level, recruitment should be viewed in the same way. It’s still an investment in your business that you can get a return on at any level, as even if they aren’t directly bringing in money for the business, they are taking on workload to free someone else’s capacity to do so and learning the skills to start bringing in their own money.

However, recruitment isn’t an investment where you can try to minimise the cost. Well, you can, but you will get what you pay for. Often companies try to go with a firm that offers a price somewhere in the middle, but the facts are you are compromising on the quality of the candidates you will receive and the investment in to the company. If you don’t spend the money to hire the right person, it’s very easy to get it wrong and not reach the business goals you have set in the long run.

Before getting in touch with a firm, it’s important to consider why you’re getting in touch with them, as you don’t want to end up paying a fee and 2 weeks later change your mind. Is it because you’ve tried to appoint someone and it’s not worked out? Are you using another agency and want to change? Do you know the services and value the firm can add to your business?

Once you’ve carefully considered these points, it’s time to retain an executive search firm. But don’t think that’s all your input over with. You need to be able to invest your time with the consultant to get the best results possible. This means taking the time for the consultant to understand your business, its wants and needs, not just a job brief, investing your time and team to fill out behavioural profiles if necessary so the consultant can find the right fit. If you don’t take the time to do these things, the consultant won’t be able to provide you with the best talent or fit for your business.

Some of the questions we ask our clients include;

Where does the role sit within the organisational structure?
Why would they want to work for you?
What makes you attractive over another company?
Where do you want the business to go and why would someone want to help you get there?
What behaviours are important for the role?
What’s your current recruitment process and timescales?

There is a lot you will need to consider before speaking to an executive search firm. But, all of this preparation will help to ensure the right person is hired and retained to help you reach your overall business goal.

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