It’s essential to spread environmental awareness in a commercial context and encourage companies and developers to actively manage the impact that their business has on the environment.

Our consultants have worked with an array of specialist consultancy firms who work on a range of commercial and government contracts, who provide expert advisory and assessment services to their clients with the aim of minimising or eliminating environmental damage and minimising risk with in H&S.

Our clients work on a number of environmental and health & safety issues or specialise in one area, such as:

  • air, land and water contamination
  • HSEQ
  • ecology
  • environmental impact assessment and flood risk
  • waste management and recycling
  • emissions and climate change
  • renewable energy opportunities
  • environmental management systems.

Environmental consultations help businesses become responsible for the impact of their activities, and implement sustainable plans.

By providing businesses and owners with practical management plans, Environmental Consultants ensure that industry standards are maintained and that the business employs best practice when it comes to protecting both the environment and human health throughout its activities.

Protecting what we have is very important to us all at Spirit and we want to help the very best people in the industry make a difference to the companies we work with.

Our Sectors

Getting it right is something that we are passionate about and strongly believe in.

The built environment has the ability to inspire everyone’s imagination, to enable social interactions with friends, family, the community and nature.

The places and spaces that people inhabit fundamentally influence their enjoyment of life, so getting it right should be a priority for us all.