21 years ago our Managing Director, decided to specialise within the ‘built environment’, when that term was not as widely used as it is today, so why and what is it?

When asked our Managing Director responded “The term ‘built environment’ is used when referring to those surroundings created for humans, by humans, that will be used for human activity.

Examples would include cities, buildings, urban spaces, walkways, roads, parks and rail networks etc.

The built environment is so interdisciplinary in nature and I truly love the interconnectivity of all the disciplines and the impact it has on us all.

There is a very valid reason why whenever we have an impact on the global economy, that most countries invest in their infrastructure to build their way out, the fact that there is a global agenda to connect and build more sustainably for our future.”

More recently we set up our trading division Spirit Care that specialises within the health and social care sectors, its widely acknowledged the impact that the built environment can have on a societies health, its traditionally associated with infrastructure planning and environmental health, such as air quality (indoor and outdoor), climate, water quantity and quality, noise and traffic-related areas, but this has been considerably highlighted during the covid-19 pandemic, so we are really excited about bringing these areas together.

Our Sectors

Getting it right is something that we are passionate about and strongly believe in.

The built environment has the ability to inspire everyone’s imagination, to enable social interactions with friends, family, the community and nature.

The places and spaces that people inhabit fundamentally influence their enjoyment of life, so getting it right should be a priority for us all.