Have you ever considered using a headhunter or a recruitment firm to help find your ideal role? If the answer is no, then here’s why you may want to…

As I’m sure you already know, markets appeared to have slowed down last year particularly with the uncertainty of Brexit causing some companies to slow their recruitment intake down. However, reports show that actually employment in the UK for January 2019 reached a record high of 32.7 million, which is great for our economy but not so great for you if you want to move roles as the competition increases. With fewer jobs about, it will often mean an increased number of applicants for a role and you will be up against the very best talent.

But Brexit has turned a corner, and companies are now on the lookout for the best people.

So, how can we help you secure that role?

The most important thing is to be honest with the recruiter, whether it’s positive or negative, it’s crucial to be truthful. If you aren’t completely open with the recruiter, then you may just end up in the wrong role looking to move again or stuck at your current company unhappy. Changing roles is a huge decision to make in anybody’s life, it’s your career and you have to spend a lot of your time at work so there’s no point going along with something if you’re not satisfied by it. If you don’t want to work for a certain company, say it, if you only want to work with x, y and z company, say it, if you don’t like some parts of a role the recruiter has mentioned to you, say it. We don’t want to place individuals in the wrong role for them as ultimately it can damage their reputation as well as ours. Therefore, if a recruiter asks you about your personal circumstances, location, salary, technical skills, aspirations etc. they are asking for this information to help you in the best way possible so they can find a role that suits your needs and wants, not just your technical skills.

Over your career you may move roles a handful of times, and probably not have many dealings with other companies for recruitment purposes. However, recruiters speak to many companies within your industry day in day out for many years throughout their career, which often means they are well connected and have built up their contacts. Recruiters give you the advantage of having an already established relationship with the company and the line manager who’s recruiting so not only will they have direct contact to promote your attributes before interview, they will also know exactly what it is the manager is looking for in an individual which serves as a huge advantage point. And even if that particular role wasn’t for you, if something was to come up in the future that does suit you, you will be their first thought.

Often when you apply for roles yourself, you’re left waiting for weeks for someone to come back to you with no real way of finding out what’s going on. They may respond weeks later when it’s too late, or they may never respond at all. But the recruiter is effectively your person on the inside. They will contact the company directly on your behalf without you coming across as desperate or pushy and receive feedback a lot quicker than you would going through the process alone. However, this also works both ways. In order to show your interest, it’s important to respond to the recruiter’s calls, emails and texts, and get across all the information requested within the timeframe suggested so the company has all the relevant information at the ready, again speeding up the process.

Many of the individuals we speak to have been burned by recruiters in the past which has left a bad taste in their mouth. We aim to repair this distrust between individuals and recruiters. Whilst we can’t change the way other recruiters work, we can ensure that the way we work is by having your best interests at heart. We understand that moving roles is just as big as buying a house, getting married and having children and we want to help you achieve the very best. If we don’t match an individual to the right role for them, we wouldn’t be doing our job for you or the client and it would also damage our reputation. We take pride in the work we deliver for both clients and individuals alike, so if you’re thinking of making the next step, why don’t you get in touch with us and see what we can do to help you – there’s no harm in exploring your options after all.

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