We spoke to our Managing Partner here at Spirit Executive, Steve Edwards, about the current situation at JLR and the push to move to electric cars. Here’s what he had to say on the matter…

“JLR is more to do with an incompetent government not supporting manufacturing and the mishandling of diesel in the rush to go electric.

We already have supply issues with our electricity supply in this country. We have the first real nuclear power station being built for over 25 years (which the Chinese are paying for), we buy our gas from Russia and our coal from China, added to the fact we have stopped supporting renewables with subsidies and blew tidal power out the water.

So how are we charging all these electric cars? Never mind the infrastructure to do it and what will this do to electric prices.

In addition, we are reducing the subsidies for electric cars and free charging is stopping.

So where are we going? Confusion causes problems.”

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