In a sector that is monitored, inspected and regulated, we recognise that the talent our clients’ need to gain an edge in a competitive market in order to achieve their objectives.

Spirit Care is the recruitment partner of choice to many of the UK’s leading and innovative organisations. We work with the whole market from small local clients to some of the largest care providers, all committed to delivering high quality health and social care services and the promotion of positive outcomes.

In a sector that must deliver the very best care services, we have a principled duty to ensure our service is sincere, trustworthy, dependable and is delivered by specialist consultants who understand and care about the sector. Just because we are removed from the delivery of care, does not mean that we take our responsibility any less seriously. We have a huge part to play in ensuring that people receiving care, experience the highest standard of care and support by dedicated and passionate people.

Our Sectors

Getting it right is something that we are passionate about and strongly believe in.

Health and social care is important to the society and country as a whole. The health of people is paramount and essential for the survival of the country – so getting it right should be a priority for us all!

The implementation of principles of support in health and social care and its staff should value the uniqueness of every person, uphold the responsibility to shape care and support services around each individual.